Yoga and Pilates for Adjusting Your Organs During Pregnancy


There is often a significant amount of discomfort in your body during pregnancy. It is not uncommon to feel as if everything has moved around inside as that baby bump grows. Well, there’s a reason for that and it’s all to do with the way in which your body is preparing for space to become somewhat limited.


But then, the idea of your organs being in a different position is not going to appeal to many. However, you do not have to go ahead and leave it like that. Instead, you can do something about it, and that is what we are about to focus on. You see, pregnancy yoga is a very real thing and worth checking out.

What are the Benefits of Doing Yoga and Pilates During Pregnancy?

benefits of yoga duing pregnancy

If you have never contemplated yoga or pilates during pregnancy, then allow us to explain why this could very well be the best approach for you during your pregnancy.


Both yoga and pilates have been used by men and women alike for thousands of years due to the way in which it benefits the body and mind. When you then think about the way in which pregnancy is extremely stressful and capable of creating a significant amount of stress in the body, then doing something to combat this makes sense.

Of course, you don’t even have to be that experienced as we all need to start somewhere. Simply following a few easy moves and doing them on a daily basis will start to have an impact on your body, and you will feel the benefits and rewards almost instantly.

But then, what are these benefits?

Relaxation and a Release of Tension.

pilate and pregnancy to adjust organs during pregnancy

Pregnancy is stressful, so anything that helps combat that will prove to be very useful to you. Also, yoga for pregnant women has long been known for helping with that very problem, so it’s easy to see why it can be beneficial.

Yoga is all about connecting with your body and being capable of listening to what it needs. The gentle stretching, the way in which you breathe into different parts of your body and release that stress, it all helps your body to prepare itself for the duration of your pregnancy.

Building a Strong Core.

pilate and yoga during pregnancy

Another important benefit linked to yoga and pilates is the way in which it helps to build a strong core. This increased strength has been linked to providing you with a less stressful birth as you do then manage to have more control over muscle groups with this including your pelvic floor.


A strong core means you have the ability to deal with the labor aspect as well as giving birth without encountering as many problems as you may have otherwise done. Regular yoga and pilates exercises are capable of transforming everything.

A Reduction in Back Pain.

reduces back pain

Both of these approaches are known to be capable of reducing back pain, and that is a common complaint during pregnancy. Once again, it’s all thanks to the gentle stretching and manipulation of your muscles and skeleton while also reducing that tension in the muscles. This alone is a good enough reason for you to consider giving it a shot.

Better Mental Health

pregnancy healthy mind

As this involves the concept of relaxation, it makes sense that it would then lead to better mental health. The idea of it being able to alleviate depression and negative thoughts will be wonderful for any individual and not just those that are pregnant.

Changes in Moves Depending on Trimester.

pilates and yoga during pregnancy

There are so many different potential yoga and pilates moves that it can be difficult to know which ones to do. However, you should know that there are recommended exercises and moves depending on the trimester that you are currently in.


As you move through your pregnancy, your body changes. Yoga and pilates have various moves that are intended to help your body as you go through the months. They prevent you having extra stress placed on your body while the moves become less challenging.

An Increase in Flexibility.

flexibility during pregnancy

Both yoga and pilates are going to increase your flexibility. Considering the way in which your ability to move will, at times, feel compromised due to your growing bump, having that improved flexibility will be extremely useful.


Of course, you take things slow and only do what you are able to do, but there is a need for you to partake in movements on a daily basis as that will help with your flexibility. Start doing this early in your pregnancy and you will then discover that your movement is easier even as you move closer to the point of giving birth.

Anything to Be Concerned About?

pregnancy concerns

The final thing for us to do is to spend a short time looking at whether or not there’s anything to be concerned about when using either of these approaches during your pregnancy.

All we need to say is that you have to be sensible with what you can and cannot do. Listen to your body and do not push things too far. That alone will cause more problems than it can cure and you would be insane to cause issues for your own self. Take it easy and do it on a regular basis, and if you feel under the weather, then don’t push yourself as there is really no need to do that.

Both yoga and pilates are completely safe to do during pregnancy unless there is a specific medical reason for you not to do it. If you are in any doubt, then check with your doctor in advance.

So, we strongly advise doing either yoga or pilates during your pregnancy due to the various benefits as listed above. Not only will they help to ease the stress and tension in your body, but they will strengthen your core and even make the process of giving birth easier.

You do not have to become a contortionist or do all of those crazy yoga moves that you see on YouTube. Instead, take it nice and easy and only do what you feel comfortable with. Your body and mind will thank you for it. 


Along with yoga and Pilates during pregnancy one needs proper diet and supplements to support the needs of the would be mom and good development of the baby.

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