Postnatal Vitamins and How They Are Different From Prenatals

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Your body needs just as much care as you did during your pregnancy to bring your baby into this world. Your body uses up a lot of vitamins and minerals stored in your body to pass on to your baby. This means adding a postnatal vitamin with essential vitamins and minerals is the right step to building up your nutrition and health after birth!

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Post-pregnancy, your body is depleted of essential nutrients. It is very important to get your nutritional levels back to normalcy, especially because you will need it for breastfeeding and taking care of your newborn. An optimal nutritional diet and vitamin supplement can help you during lactation and postpartum recovery. This includes all the important vitamins such as A, C, E, B12, and more. All of this good nutrition gets passed to your baby while ensuring you remain healthy. This optimally produced milk helps in building your baby’s brain and eye health which grows at a rapid rate during the infancy stage, and well into toddlerhood.

How Postnatal Vitamins Differ From Prenatals

After delivery, women lose almost half to one full quart of blood during the birthing process. This is one of the biggest reasons why women should consume a highly nutritious diet, and follow it up with a postnatal supplement that is curated to meet the needs of a full-blown postpartum recovery. This includes everything from ensuring your vitamins and minerals is replenished, your hormone balances are in check, your physiological changes addressed, and energy for you to ace every day amid the lack of sleep! Prenatal Vitamins are specifically crafted for women before and during the pregnancy process where the requirements and routines are different.

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How Long to Take Postnatal Vitamins

Immediately after you have a baby thru breastfeeding! Taking a postnatal vitamin is important for both you and your growing baby. It gives you the boost of energy you need especially since your circadian rhythm is impacted heavily after birth. The right postnatal vitamin can help you recover significantly faster, and ensure your hormonal balances are in check! The ideal blend of vitamins and minerals is an added benefit for lactating mothers who are breastfeeding after delivery.

Side Effects of Postnatal Vitamins

Common side effects are constipation and mild cramps from the iron content. These are rare in high-quality postnatal formulas. Consult with your doctor to work on a nutrition plan post-pregnancy. If any of the symptoms persist for longer than usual, consult your doctor immediately!

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What About Postnatal Vitamins During Pregnancy? 

It is ideally recommended to take postnatal vitamins during breastfeeding and after delivery. Postnatal vitamins are formulated to promote lactation and provide new mothers with nutrients to deal with postpartum symptoms such as low energy, baby brain, and hair loss.  Stick with prenatal during pregnancy. Consult with your doctor if and when postnatal vitamins are right for you!

Postnatal Plus

Benefits of Mama's Select Postnatal Vitamin

Mama's Select Postnatal Plus is the ideal postnatal formula designed with all the essential nutrients to replenish your body after delivery! Our gentle formulation is crafted to meet the needs of breastfeeding and lactating mothers, easily absorbed in a non-irritating veggie capsule.

  • Lactation Support - Mama's Select Postnatal Plus is carefully designed to promote healthy lactation and aid in the development of your growing child while breastfeeding.
  • Multi-vitamin Support - Our postnatal vitamins are formulated with essential vitamins such as A, C, D, E, B6, B12 for replenishing the depleted reserves in your body. We include Methyl Folate and Methylated B vitamins to support MTHFR mothers and children.
  • Increased Energy - Our Postnatal can give you the ample amounts of energy you need to nurse and care for your child.
  • Free From Fillers or Chemicals - We pride ourselves in creating products that are naturally allergy-friendly and made with effective ingredients. The ingredients used in Mama's Select Postnatal Plus are of the highest quality to ensure you and your baby get only the best!

Recommended Dosage

Read the directions on the back of your postnatal bottle for the recommended amount of capsules to take per day. And always remember to keep your doctor in the loop as well!


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