How to Deal with Rashes in Babies and Children?

Knowing how to deal with rashes in babies and children tends to be one of those core concepts that every parent should be capable of dealing with. After all, we can try our best to eliminate potential causes of rashes and all kinds of illnesses, but it’s impossible to stop things happening entirely.

However, dealing with rashes in children can be significantly easier than you may have previously imagined. In fact, it will often prove to be less stressful than you may have feared.

So, if you are wondering about how to deal with symptoms of chickenpox, baby acne, cradle cap, measles, psoriasis and a whole lot of other skin conditions, then we are here to help.


Many things can cause rashes in children, and they’re often nothing to worry about. Sure it will prove to be rather uncomfortable for your baby or child, but there are a number of things that you can do to help make them feel better.


As we said, there are a number of different potential causes of rashes developing in your child. The most common way is by your baby or child coming into contact with someone that already has the rash. That is why you often hear that there has been an outbreak of chickenpox or some other rash in a school.

There are other reasons linked to genetics, hormones and even glands not working correctly and this can then lead to issues such as cradle cap. The same goes for skin conditions as the causes will tend to be the same as they are in adults or older children.


As so many of the rashes in children come from them being in close proximity to others, there needs to be the acceptance that you are restricted in your ability to stop it happening entirely. What this then means is that you must become aware of the steps to take in order to treat rashes in the first place.

Identify the Problem.

Of course, the best place to start is going to be with identifying the problem in the first place. The treatment method will vary depending on what is wrong and even though a number of the rashes are easy to identify, you still want some medical advice to be sure.

It’s also worth remembering that even though these rashes are uncomfortable for your baby or child that they will still not cause them any long-term problems.

Once you have identified the problem, it’s then onto treating it. However, you need to be aware that there is not always a cure with chickenpox being a prime example. Instead, it is all about dealing with the symptoms and making your child as comfortable as possible no matter the types of rashes you are dealing with.


Aside from applying the correct treatment, you also want to make sure that you remove the discomfort that comes with a baby rash. It’s harder since your baby is unable to tell you exactly what is wrong, so you need to make some decisions of your own.

You will be aware from your own experiences of a rash that it will often be itchy or feel hot. This heat is unpleasant, so doing things to ease those symptoms is what you need to do. The use of calamine lotion over the rash area will bring some comfort but do not see this as a cure.

At the same time, you will find that different creams or lotions will also bring some comfort and they will also be very easy to apply.

If their rash is itchy, then you need to prevent them from scratching it. Once again, applying the correct cream or lotion will make a huge difference. Furthermore, we can also suggest these rather simple tips.

Use a Wet Cloth.

If there is a problem with the rash feeling hot or it is itchy, then using a cool wet cloth and placing it over the rash can remove the sting.

Cut Their Fingernails.

Even though it is difficult to stop them from doing it entirely, cutting their fingernails so they are short and smooth can make a difference in making it harder for them to cause damage with scratching.

Make Them Wear Soft Gloves.

Getting them to wear soft gloves at night will reduce the chances of them scratching and causing more problems with their rash. However, you need to hope that they keep wearing them as it is largely out of your control.


In this section, the thing we want you to look out for are other symptoms that can be attributed to the reason behind the rash. For example, if they are developing a fever with the onset of chickenpox, then making them feel cooler and keeping them hydrated will help.

Due to the nature of so many of the different rashes, you must deal with it all on an individual symptom basis.


While getting your baby or child checked over by your doctor should be high on the agenda, it can be difficult getting an appointment quick enough. To help combat this, you can take your child to a pharmacist who will be capable of advising you as to what the problem is and then what they can offer you to help.

This is especially true with issues such as cradle cap, nappy rash, measles and even ringworm. There are various lotions and creams that can be bought, or the pharmacist can give certain things via a prescription, so you should be able to get a solution. This applies no matter what the rash may be.

As you can see, dealing with rashes in babies and children need not be as stressful as you had perhaps feared. Of course, if you are unsure about anything, then do go to your doctor as soon as possible to then get the correct advice. One of the most important things is that you do not panic. Children pick up rashes for a whole host of reasons and it is just part of growing up but how you deal with it can have an impact on how they feel.

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