Benefits of Prenatal Nutrients and Where to Get it From?

Having a baby is definitely one of the best moments of our lives. It’s a life changing experience for all  couples. When you are having a baby, the responsibilities double up way before you even give birth. Apart from all the nursery planning and the buying of cute baby clothes and toys for the little one, one of the most vital things to do is to make sure you are taking Prenatal Vitamins.

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What are Prenatal Vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins, also known as Prenatal supplements, contain vitamins and minerals that pregnant women need to take before and after pregnancy. They contain a combination of important vitamins and minerals which are required for your baby to grow and develop healthily in the womb. To minimize the risk of birth defects, it is recommended by the majority of doctors that these are taken at least 6 months before conception, which will greatly reduce the chances of birth defects. 

As we know, life can be extremely busy and women often have to think about so many things other things before themselves, that’s where Prenatal Vitamins kick in. Prenatal vitamins are recommended because a woman has to care for herself and the child inside her. Most women don’t have the time to eat proper nutritious food because we live such a  hectic life and during pregnancy, when morning sickness may stop you from eating properly, Prenatal Vitamins assure that the required nutrition intake is being taken care of.

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Medical Studies have demonstrated that most birth defects ordinarily happen within the initial 28 days after conception, a time when many women aren't even aware that they have conceived. One of the ways to lower the risk of birth defects in your baby is to take Prenatal Vitamins regularly before conceiving. The risk of most birth defects can be reduced significantly by a program of healthy prenatal vitamins. Folic acid is just one of an extensive rundown of supplements such as omega-3 unsaturated fats that reduce the risk of birth defects and boost the wellbeing of babies. 

Some of the nutrients and minerals that you will find in Prenatal Vitamins are: 

Folic Acid - This is one of the most significant parts of a nutrient. Folic acid greatly assists in reducing the risk of neural imperfections, for example, spina bifida. Spina bifida happens in the earliest phases of pregnancy when the spinal cord isn't shut, uncovering the nerves which could result in paralysis and even mental retardation.  

Natural sources of folic acid include green leafy vegetables, nuts, squeezed orange and different citrus organic products. In spite of these sources, in the event that you need to ensure you have satisfactory folic acid, it is a good idea to take an enhancement as a nutrient. Folic acid is also known to avert another deformity, hydrocephalus, which is an incurable condition in which cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the cerebrum's pits causing neurological dysfunction. Usually, specialists would prescribe 400 mcg of folic acid per day.

Calcium - Calcium is found in normal sources, for example, dairy products such as eggs, soya beans, nuts, and fish. Although it is highly recommended that you take supplements as they can be ingested by the body. As the fetus grows inside the body, it begins exhausting the calcium from the bones of the mother's body since it requires it for its own development. Because of this, you can lose your  bone density and it can cause various issues later on, osteoporosis being one of them. Calcium supplements furnish the developing baby with the required calcium sources. 


Iron - When you are pregnant, the body delivers more blood and subsequently uses up more iron from the body. One of the most widely recognized issues that pregnant ladies are assailed with is anemia. Due to this iron inadequacy, anemia can cause weariness and tiredness. Various complications can occur due to anemia. Iron supplements are regularly taken after the primary trimester. 

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The Correct Prenatal Vitamin

It's easy to buy prenatal vitamins off the shelf nowadays, but if you are serious about your and the child's wellbeing, it is advised that you speak to your primary care physician before you consider taking them. The reason is that your doctor knows your therapeutic history and will recommend a prenatal vitamin that has all the required nutrients and minerals for you. 

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Potential Dangers Associated with prenatal vitamins

While prenatal vitamins are beneficial for a pregnant lady or one who is planning to conceive, they also have some side effects. Some prenatal vitamins can trigger symptoms of an allergic nature, for example, hives, swelling of the throat and mouth or breathing issues. On the off chance that any of these things happen, you ought to consult your primary care physician right away. 

Consuming multiple supplements is not advised as this can do more harm than good. Other minor problems that could occur are constipation or nausea. Experts advise that you drink a full glass of water while taking prenatal vitamins.

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Prenatal vitamins are phenomenal supplements for the mom and the child. Obviously, you shouldn’t depend entirely on the vitamins, nutritious food is very important and it should be included in your daily diet.


According to a recent study, women who take prenatal vitamins reduce the risk of neuroblastoma, brain tumours and cancer in their new-born. 


Why Should You Buy Them Online?

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Purchasing them online is a simple and convenient way to buy prenatal vitamins and allows you to do lots of research about the product before you decide to buy. You may also be eligible for a discount depending on which sites you are purchasing from.

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