Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. The shelf life of our products is generally 2 years. Once opened, we recommend that the product be used as instructed on the “Suggested Use” portion of every label.


Q. How long does it take to see results from your Nursing & Lactation Plus product?

A. It can take up to 14 days or more for some mothers to start seeing the increased supply. Some mothers it only takes a few days.

Q. How long does it take to see results from your Goat's Rue product?

A. It can take up to 14 days or more for some mothers to start seeing the increased supply. Some mothers it only takes a few days.


Q. Can you use the Nursing & Lactation Plus with the Goat's Rue?

A. Absolutely! This is a powerful combination that works extremely well together, and is safe for mothers. This is about the most powerful thing you can do to increase your milk supply.


Q. What percentage of mothers do not respond to the Nursing & Lactation Plus or Goat's Rue and get the increase in breast milk?

A. Overall, we have seen 10-15% of women do not respond to the ingredients in the Nursing & Lactation Plus or Goat's Rue. It is even more rare that women do not respond to both at the same time, but it does happen. We do know we are all made differently and respond a little differently to the ingredients. If this is the case for you, please contact us for more help.


Q. My baby seems to have increased gas because of the Nursing & Lactation Plus or the Goat's Rue. Is this normal?

A. Yes, this can be normal. The gas should subside. Sometimes that is a good sign that your milk is starting to ramp up. If your baby is uncomfortable, you might need to stop using the supplement, or try the Probiotic Plus supplement to help with abdominal and gas issues.


Q. How many CFU's are in the Probiotic Plus formula?

A. The Mama's Select Probiotic Plus has 10 Billion CFU's per serving, consisting of 8 high quality strands. This product has been specially formulated to meet the very high needs of pregnant and nursing mothers, but is also a great Probiotic for just about everybody else!


Q. Does the Probiotic Plus need to be refrigerated?

A. No, the Probiotics do not need to be refrigerated! The advanced formula is stable without refrigeration, but they should not be exposed to heat that is above room temperature (extreme heat).


Q. Is the Prenatal Multi + DHA Fish Free?

A. This particular formula does have Fish Oil in the DHA. We believe it is the highest quality fish oil and DHA available, and is specifically formulated for the needs of your little baby!


Q. Does the Prenatal Multi + DHA smell like fish?

A. Yes, there is a light fish smell to the Prenatal Multi + DHA vitamins. That is perfectly normal, and is because of the high quality fish oil in the DHA.


Q. I tried calling the toll free number today, and it went to a voice-mail. What is the best way to reach you?

A. If we are talking to other customers, or away from the office you will receive our voice-mail account. The best and quickest way to get a question answered is to email support@mamasselect.com. This will reach us directly, from all of our devices, no matter where we are at the time, and ensure a quick answer to your question.

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"Fast shipping, great packaging, excellent quality. I was able to almost double what I was pumping each session after just 1 day of use. I've already recommended this product to a couple people. I will be buying more"

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"I am so glad I found this supplement! It really helped to increase my breast milk production. It was nice to finally find something that is healthy and safe for me and my baby! I would recommend this product to all nursing mothers! Very happy customer :)"

  • -Cheyenne E.

"This company is awesome and has great costumer service. This product is all natural and safe for mommy and baby. I would highly recommend this product for nursing as well as the other things they offer. Simply amazing"

  • -Megan V.


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