Your Best Cheat Sheet to Understanding and Controlling Pregnancy Hormones


Understanding and controlling pregnancy hormones is easier than you think. In fact, there are several options available to you that you may never have even considered.

With hormone levels feeling as if they are simply flying all over the place during this time, it will be no surprise that it can leave you feeling just not yourself. So, being aware of approaches that may very well lead to you having the ability to control those pregnancy hormones could prove to be rather important to you.

Pregnancy hormones are able to take you for some ride and you will probably not even be ready for it. However, we are going to make life a bit easier for you by looking at a number of the key hormones and what is going on with them.


Pregnancy Hormones: What to Expect.

pregnancy hormones what to expect

We are going to look at 6 different hormones. The hope is you will then feel more relaxed as to what is going on in your body.



FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)

maintain fsh levels

FSH is a hormone that appears at the start of everything. This is the hormone that is going to encourage the release of the egg as well as the production of oestrogen. However, when you conceive, this hormone is shut down as that is why you don’t then ovulate while you are pregnant.


oestrogen levels during pregnancy

Oestrogen is produced by the ovaries at the start of pregnancy with it then switching over to being produced by the placenta later on. This is a hormone that is going to be essential for the safe development of your baby.

Oestrogen will allow the uterus to grow while it will also work at maintaining the uterine lining as that is where your baby is going to be kept nice and safe. Also, it is going to improve blood circulation and help to kick start the production of other hormones that are essential for the safe development of your baby.

This hormone will also lead to the development of your breasts and it is also responsible for boosting milk production and helping your breasts to get ready for that all-important feeding aspect. For your baby, it is used to help the development of their organs as well as boosting bone density.


progesterone levels

Progesterone is not going to feel as if it is really your friend when it comes to pregnancy. While it does relatively little when it comes to the baby, it does produce a number of symptoms that are not that nice to contend with.

If you have experienced heartburn, indigestion, bloating and constipation, then it is all caused by progesterone. However, it is associated with effectively relaxing your body and preparing it for giving birth. It loosens the joints and some may feel some pain in their body towards the end of pregnancy.

Finally, if you develop acne during pregnancy, then it’s progesterone to blame. Throw in some sweaty skin and you see that progesterone can make life awkward.


relaxing during pregnancy

You may not have heard of this hormone, but it also plays an important role during pregnancy. This is the hormone that is going to make this entire ‘giving birth’ thing possible as it allows your body to relax in order for this to happen. The problem is that during the pregnancy part itself, you may suffer from aches and pains along with various gastrointestinal issues.

However, at the point where it is required, it relaxes your joints, muscles, and it also both softens and lengthens the cervix.

With its main focus on making those joints loose, it does then lead to some women feeling somewhat unsteady on their feet. This is due to relaxing doing its job and preparing your joints for what they are about to experience, but as it relaxes them, it also means that it makes them feel weaker at the same time.




oxytacin for pregnancy

Oxytocin is a hormone that is there during the entire duration of your pregnancy. However, it is towards the end of your pregnancy that you then become aware of it.

As you get closer to the time to give birth, your uterus is going to become even more sensitive to this hormone and when you then feel those contractions kicking in, then it’s oxytocin that you need to blame. In fact, if you find that labor is difficult, then your doctor will induce it with an IV that actually contains a variation of this hormone to get things going.

Even after the birthing part, the role of oxytocin is not going to be over. Once you have given birth, you may even be given some of this hormone in order to start shrinking everything back down. Taking it further, when your baby starts to suckle, it then leads to oxytocin being produced in order to stimulate your mammary glands into producing milk.

In other words, it is a pretty big deal.



Placental Growth Factor.

placental growth during pregnancy

Finally, this may very well be a hormone that you have never heard of, and yet its role is vital in the safe development of your baby.

The main job of this hormone in your body is to effectively boost growth of your blood vessels. A relative lack of this hormone has been linked to the development of the condition preeclampsia in some women. This is the hormone that helps to provide your baby with everything it needs in order to survive and develop, so you can understand its importance. However, it doesn’t do much to you.

There are a number of other hormones that are going to play a role during your pregnancy, but we believe that these hormones listed above are perhaps the most important and widely known. You have to accept that we need them for specific reasons, and while it may make you feel in pain or unwell, it’s what your body needs to do in order to allow for your baby to develop safely and normally. When you think of it in that way, it may very well remove some of the stress you experience regarding how you feel.

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