Real Remedies to Relieve Your Babies Gas Exist!


As a parent, one of the things that you hate to see is when your baby is suffering from gas. You see them in some discomfort and are desperate to do something in order to give them some relief. But then, what do you do? What are the best baby gas remedies?

gas trapped babies

The problem is that you want to make sure that whatever you do is going to work. You want them to get that relief as quickly as possible. Well, in that case, you will be pleased to hear that there are real remedies for baby gas, and that they will offer your baby that relief that you are craving to give to them.

10 Most Commonly Searched Methods to Cope with Baby Gas.

baby trapped gas

So, here is what we are going to do. We will now provide you with 10 methods that have been shown to work when it comes to baby gas remedies. By doing so, you will at least have several options that you can try.

Burping During Feeding.

burp baby

You want to avoid leaving the burping aspect until the very end of feeding. That will only increase the chances of gas building and leading to all kinds of problems.

Instead, what you need to do is to also burp them during feeding. Simply pause for a moment, burp them, and then continue. This breaks up the potential build-up of gas and makes things a whole lot easier for both you and your baby.

Gentle Pressure to Their Belly.

pressure on tummy for gas release

Another thing to try is some gentle pressure to their belly. This has the ability to effectively disperse some of the gas that may be developing in their stomach and causing them the discomfort they are feeling. This should be done after they have finished feeding, and do remember to make it as gentle as possible.

Massaging the Belly.

massage on baby's tummy

If pressing gently on their belly doesn’t work, then massaging the area could make a huge difference. This is going to help by effectively encouraging the gas to move around the body rather than it building in the one area. By helping to disperse it, you will bring a significant amount of comfort to your baby, and this is certainly something that can work in a relatively short period of time.

Feeding at an Angle.

feeding at an angle

You should also look at feeding your baby at an angle. People make the mistake of having the baby lying almost flat and cradling them, but what can then happen is that the stomach ends up being either at the same level as the head or it can even be slightly higher. When in this position, it means that their body is fighting against gravity, and they are not going to win that battle.


deal with patience

One thing that you must keep in mind as a mother is that it is entirely natural for your baby to develop gas. We continue to suffer from it as an adult, so why expect your baby to be any different? The one thing that you should not do is panic at the first sign of your baby suffering from gas. In a number of cases, simply having a bit of patience and waiting a short period of time will result in the problem clearing on its own. Jumping into remedies for baby gas is not always necessary, but you will learn when to do this as you become more experienced.

Cut Feeding.

cut in feeding of babies

If gas is becoming a problem as the length of the feed increases, then one way to avoid this is to cut the feed and to do it more often. In doing so, you reduce the chances of as much gas building up in your baby. 

Use Gas Drops.

gas drop for babies

If you feel that no other method is working, then using gas drops in order to effectively break up the gas is going to undoubtedly work. There are a number of options out there for you to try and as the body does not absorb it, this will mean that your baby is not going to be in any danger when it comes to trying it. All it will do is make it easier for the gas to be passed.

Bicycle Their Legs.

bicycle motion

Getting your baby moving in some way can also encourage that gas to begin to move around the body, and one approved method is to bicycle their legs. Simply lay them on their back, lift their legs up in the air and slowly move them around as if they are on a bicycle. This works best for whenever they have gas trapped more in their lower abdomen as it will work the intestines.

Bend Their Knees to Their Chest.

legs motion

As well as doing the bicycle method, you may also want to try bending their knees up to their chest. This applies more pressure, but still done in a controlled manner, that will help to stimulate the intestines and encourage the movement of the gas. You may want to combine both this method with the bicycle method in order to get the best results.

Talk to Your Lactation Consultant.

consult your doctor

Finally, talking to your lactation consultant is another preventative method that is worth checking out. It may be that your baby is not latching on correctly and that is going to increase the amount of air that they take in, and that is going to lead to them developing a real issue with gas. Small changes can make a real difference and can prevent this from becoming a problem.

As you can see, a number of gas remedies for baby discomfort mentioned above are going to be linked to changing the way in which you do breastfeed your baby. A preventative approach is the best cure of all, but do remember that you cannot go ahead and eliminate this problem completely. Your baby will develop gas at times, but it is how you then deal with it that will be the key. The good news is that your baby will largely grow out of this particular problem after a few months, at which point feeding them will become substantially easier.

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