How to Get Rid of Baby’s Trapped Wind Naturally

Knowing how to prevent and treat infant gas and its symptoms such as baby burping, flatulence and crying is something that every parent should be aware of. After all, no parent wants to see their baby suffering and to then be somewhat stuck as to what to do next. In other words, you need to know how to get rid of trapped wind naturally.

 Of course, the best treatment will prove to be prevention in the first place. However, you are guaranteed to find that your baby will suffer from this condition a number of times in those first few months no matter how diligent you may be.

So, what do you do?

 Trapped gas in babies

Baby Gas or How to Get Rid of Trapped Wind Naturally.

What we recommend is to try one or all of these soothing steps to relieve baby’s gas. It may be the case that what works on one occasion may not prove to be as effective the next time. Being aware of a number of different approaches and methods will certainly be extremely useful for you.


Understanding Trapped Gas Symptoms.

Just prior to us going into the different ways for how to relieve trapped wind naturally, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the trapped gas symptoms that you need to be looking out for. After all, your first course of action should always be your ability to spot that there’s a problem at the earliest possible time.

With this, there are several symptoms that stand out:[1]

 symptoms of trapped gas in babies

  • A tendency to cry a lot.
  • They arch their back.
  • Their stomach appears to be swollen or bloated.
  • They are passing gas.
  • They lift their legs up in the air.

With the crying aspect, it’s important to realise that it happens after feeding or at a time where you know that they are unlikely to be hungry or tired.


But then, how do you cure the problem?

Burp Them.

burp them for gas relief

The most obvious way to help is to burp them after feeding. This is known to be extremely useful at bringing up trapped wind and it is also a preventative measure due to the time at which you do it.[2]

Even though people often associate it with putting them over your shoulder and patting their back, you need to find a position that works best for both you and your baby. This may involve having them sitting up on your knee or even lying face down across your lap.


Massage Their Belly.

Massage belly for trapped gas relief

Another approach for baby wind relief is to massage their belly, but do so gently.[3] This may prove to be more effective when you can see that their stomach is distended which has been caused by them trying to digest their milk and it producing gas in their stomach. By softly massaging their belly, it can break up that trapped gas and move it around their intestines leading to it emerging and easing the pain they are feeling.


Use Heat on Their Belly.

Heat for gas relief

Applying some heat on their belly can also help ease the symptoms of trapped wind and bring some significant comfort to your baby. A hot water bottle or a heat pad will be perfect, but make sure they are both well wrapped and don’t make them too hot.

Even though these methods can make a difference, it is certainly the case that prevention will be the best cure, and this is where you may need to make several changes to how you do things.


Preventing Trapped Gas in Your Baby.

The first thing that we recommend is to change how you feed them. Often, the problem is caused by them gulping in too much air when they are bottle fed. Using a bottle with an internal vent or a collapsing liner which contracts as your baby feeds will help stop the problem.

However, that is not the only way to provide baby wind relief.


Breast Feed Properly.

breast feed for gas relief in babies

Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce the instances of your baby developing gas in their belly. This is due to the way in which everything can be more controlled when it comes to how they feed, and they can hardly ingest a lot of air like they can from a bottle.[4]

The key is to make sure that they latch on correctly. Often, the key is to make sure that your baby is in more of an upright position. Also, when they stop feeding for a break, take that opportunity to wind them before they latch on again.


Probiotics for Babies.

Probiotics for healthy baby

Finally, you may want to try probiotics for babies.[5] You may already be familiar with the idea that probiotics injects healthy bacteria into our digestive system which then helps our body to deal with food and break it down. Well, the same approach can be taken for your baby.

We aren’t saying that you should go ahead and give your baby the same probiotics that you take. Instead, you need to look for specialist supplements that have been specifically designed for this very purpose. They will be safer for your baby and there is a greater chance of them then being able to benefit from it all. All you will be doing is giving their digestive system a real boost so it can then break down their milk in the correct manner and without it upsetting everything.

Dealing with colic and trapped gas that is affecting your baby is something that is easier to do than you may have initially feared. Remember that it is going to happen, but you are in a position to make several changes to how you feed them in order to at least reduce the chances of it happening.

Your baby will be uncomfortable when trapped gas strikes. However, you are now equipped with several methods that can ease the discomfort that your baby is feeling, and do so in a relatively short period of time. All you need to do is to look out for the signs that all is not well, and remember to wind them as you feed them since this dramatically reduces the chances of it happening to your baby time and time again.





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