5 Common Baby Stomach Problems


Baby stomach problems are very common, and being aware of what those most common issues are and how to deal with them will be essential for any mother. After all, the last thing you want to happen is for your child to be suffering in some way and you unable to help.

The good news is that it is very rare for these digestion problems to be anything other than something simple and not dangerous to their health. Yes, they may not be enjoying having the condition at this moment in time, but it’s not all as bad as it seems.

So, let’s get to grips with those common issues and just remember that there is no guarantee that your baby will suffer from all of them at some point in their early development.


common baby stomach problems

Gastrointestinal Baby Stomach Problems.

As we work through these 5 common problems, do be aware that there’s a pretty good chance that your baby will suffer from at least one of them in those early months. However, don’t stress as we are also going to show you what you can do to help them overcome the problem.


reflux in baby

Gastro reflux is exceptionally common especially in the first few months. The problem is that the stomach takes several weeks to get the natural response and actions to get into rhythm. This leads to milk effectively sitting there and not being able to be digested correctly. As it just sits there, it increases the chances of the milk working its way partly back up out of their stomach. When this happens, it is called reflux.

The key to resolving this is to make sure that you feed them in the correct manner. Do not overfeed them as this will only add to the problem in question when baby indigestion is actually very common and easy to treat.


vomiting in babies

Unfortunately, there is a pretty good chance that your baby is going to suffer from vomiting at some point, and even though it is distressing it is also something that is going to happen. The problem is that your baby is going to prove themselves to be rather adept at picking up all kinds of viruses that are doing the rounds, and their immune system is not resilient enough to keep them at bay.

In most cases, you will find that this lasts for only two or three days before it passes, but it is rare for even the baby projectile vomiting aspect to last as long as that. You need to merely pay attention to how they are acting in general, and if it goes on beyond this time frame then it may be time to get in touch with your doctor and see what help they may need.


Diarrhea in babies

Just as with vomiting, you will find that your baby having diarrhea is going to be quite a common complaint. Once again, this is due to them picking up some kind of intestinal tract virus, and the cause that results in the most complaints is the rotavirus which appears during winter.

This is also something that has a tendency to calm down after a couple of days. Your main concern has to be in making sure that your baby is hydrated or that will only cause further complications. If it goes on for more than a week without appearing to settle down, then you need to get them checked by your doctor. It could mean they have a different virus or there could even be some kind of allergic reaction to something they are eating that is then causing these symptoms.


colic baby

Colic is obviously something that is very common, and while it is painful for your baby just keep in mind that it does resolve itself. However, you are still able to do certain things in order to help them to either soothe the problem or even prevent it in the first place.

Colic is something that you need to pay attention to. Crying the way in which your baby is lifting their legs up, the inability to settle down can all indicate that they are suffering from this condition. Being careful how to feed them and burp them during and after the process is going to prove to be very helpful indeed. Colic is when their intestines contract causing pain and it is more common for it to happen in the afternoon or early evening.

Feeding Intolerance.

feeding intolerance

Feeding intolerance is more common than you think, and even though your baby will likely grow out of these digestion problems, this can be a confusing thing to see happening. This intolerance can lead to them either bringing back up their milk or difficulty in emptying their bowels. This is something that is quite natural, but it may also be caused by a problem in the bloodstream. At this mild level, it really is nothing to worry about even though it is clearly distressing for your baby.

With this intolerance issue, you need to pay close attention to how often it happens and any other signs that your baby is perhaps not feeling that great. Tests can indicate if there are any other issues to be concerned with, so getting in touch with your doctor is a good idea. If they do bring up their food, then keep an eye on dehydration issues and address that immediately.

So, these five different stomach problems in babies are going to potentially play a role in the health of your baby, but there is usually nothing to worry about either. Yes,it is distressing seeing your baby like this, but sadly it is part of their development. Merely keep an eye on how they are doing and seek advice from a doctor if they get worse or fail to get better. Also, keep in mind that they are going to pretty much grow out of it.

baby with stomach troubles

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We all suffer from stomach problems, so having gastrointestinal issues in children is not unusual. However, you cannot completely ignore things and hope that they will go away because even though that is often the case, there are some instances where that has not been the case.

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